All workshops $1350 each student for the 3 week sessions.
June 24– July 12, 2019
M-F 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Ages 13 and Up

MerritStudents are trained by award-winning professionals in all aspects of the filmmaker’s craft.

Students are rotated into each job of a working film crew, including an opportunity to direct.

Instruction starts with beginning/intermediate elements moving forward to accommodate student need, including lighting, composition, camera movement, continuity, editing and directing, while shooting a short narrative feature film.

Best of all, the program culminates in a red-carpet premiere of student films at a Baltimore City Movie Theater!

Ages 9 through 12-1/2

EveryoneSpecifically designed for and targeted to the younger Filmmakers Workshop participants, this course gives students the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of filmmaking: design, production, acting, observation and analysis.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals, students learn all aspects of filmmaking while working on projects and a feature film.

Students study the history of film by watching, discussing, and reproducing the ways great filmmakers achieve the effects that captivate audiences. Participants work in each of the studios expanding their knowledge of, and skill-building in, the arts and crafts of filmmaking.

Each year Explorations in Film highlights different film styles and genres allowing students to build skills year after year.

Students gain a greater appreciation for the world of filmmaking, learn the crafts needed to create a film—and have a great deal of fun!

Ages 12 and Up

ZombieTwinsThis program is for those who love art and construction, costuming, make-up and visual design, and are interested in embarking upon or furthering their studies in filmmaking.

Learn script and character analysis, design conception, location selection, and more.

Create props, sets, make-up, and costumes for the YFW films. The small size of this class allows us to tailor the course to each student’s ability and to provide a hands-on opportunity to engage in these processes from start to finish.

Students spend the three weeksdesigning, building, and applying their work to a narrative film.

Age and previous experience determine placement.

Ages 13 and Up

EthanTaught by professional actors with strong dramatic training, Acting for the Camera covers the basics of character, motivation, script analysis, relationships, and more, using acting techniques including Meisner, Stanislavski and Strasberg.

Emphasis is on developing on-camera dramatic skills in an environment where each student is challenged to stretch his or her abilities.

Students alternate between training, rehearsals and shooting scenes for a short film.

Students gain a greater appreciation for the world of acting, learn the skills needed to create a believable character — and have a great deal of fun!