Rachel Armiger, YFW Alumnus 2008-2010:

Rachel1“Lights, camera, action! As an attendee of the Young Filmmakers Workshopfrom 2009-2011, YFW laid the foundation for me to follow my dreams and go on to study filmmaking in college. Everyday, the program was a new and exciting learning experience, whether working on set to finish the oh-so-entertaining summer flick- the fruit of our labor- or in the classroom furthering our filmmaking skills. I felt right at home with so many like-minded people, and it was incredibly encouraging getting to know the staff- many of whom are working professionals in the filmmaking field. Believe me, if the age limit wasn’t eighteen, I would probably eternally be there!”

Blake Pruitt, YFW Alumnus 2003-2008:

BlakePruitt1“Steve Yeager’s Young Filmmakers Workshop was the first film training I ever received and, as I begin my last semester studying Film/TV Production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, it remains some of the best.

I still think of Steve adamantly reminding us about no headroom or the 180 degree rule as I shoot projects of my own.

I loved filmmaking before I started at YFW, but I knew it would be my career after I finished.”

Vivian Williams, YFW Alumnus 2014:

VivianWilliams“I absolutely love the Young Filmmakers Workshop! I was able to work with professional equipment while learning all about the different aspects that go into making a film. Everything was just how it is in real movie productions; all the groups (actors, production design and filmmakers) work closely with one another. So not only did I come out understanding the different aspects of film, I made a ton of new friends.

At the end of the production, we all got into a limo and rode to the Senator Theater to see the movie on the big screen! I’ll never forget it!”

Tommy Flynn, YFW Alumnus 2008-2013:

“I did the Young Filmmakers Workshop with Steve Yeager for 6 summers and learned so much about film each and every year. I was interested in theatrical acting prior to attending the camp, but YFW opened doors for me to do film acting as well. I enjoyed doing the program at the camp “Acting for the Camera” because not only did I get to be perform in the film and see myself on the big screen at the premiere, but I got to see the crew work first hand; so I began to pick up many tips and techniques that Steve was teaching the young campers who worked behind the camera. I began to work on my own personal projects during the school year, both directing and acting in them. Using the skills I learned at YFW, I finished them successfully and had my own premieres.

I have developed a love and passion for filmmaking over the past few years, and it all began at YFW. Going into the first year of camp I remember I was somewhat hesitant because I had never done anything film related before, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made!”

Greg Stewart – President of CMIT Solutions of Baltimore County West and parent:

“My daughter attended Young Filmmakers Workshop for all four years of High School. After the first year, she couldn’t wait for the next camp to begin. Each year, I watched her performing skills and confidence build as a result of the creativity and support provided by Steve and his outstanding team of artists and teachers. The experience helped enable her to audition at top BFA programs and gain admission.

Now in her junior year, my daughter frequently comments on how she learned techniques and worked with equipment at Young Filmmakers Workshop that it took two years to experience in her college program. If your child is interested in Acting, Costuming, Directing, Graphic Arts, Make-up, Photography, Promotion, Special Effects, or Video, this program will give them an opportunity they won’t experience until college or later. They will work with the latest techniques and technologies.

As a parent, former corporate executive, and now small business owner, I continue to support Young Filmmakers Workshop because I’ve observed that the program not only helps students develop their artistic and creative skills, it helps them develop skills needed for success in life: Confidence, Effective Communications and Teamwork.

In a global world that communicates electronically, college students are no longer limited to expressing themselves through the written word, they are expected to demonstrate their ideas and knowledge through video and web based media. No matter what field your child plans on pursuing, spending three weeks in the summer at Young Filmmakers workshop will help them prepare for what comes next.”

Roger Shere-Wolfe – parent:

“Our son Kiran attended the 2014 YFW program, and adored it. He was one of the youngest participants in the program and we weren’t sure how he would react to it, but the result far exceeded our expectations. In fact, it was one of the most positive experiences of his young life, and we have seldom seen our son so happy. He didn’t miss at all trading swimming and other summer activities for 8 hours a day of filmmaking, and his main regret was that the program only lasted 3 weeks.

The experience of working cooperatively with other kids on a creative endeavor helped him develop social skills and teamwork, and he really felt that he was part of a community. He made many friends, and has kept in touch with both participants and staff from the program.

The YFW staff did a tremendous job not only of teaching and of coordinating production in a very short window, but of providing a fun and supported
environment in which the participants would express their creativity.

Kiran is counting the days until the 2015 program, and seeing many old friends again. We are very grateful to YFW for providing such a great experience for our son.”

Aaron M. Chassy – parent:

“Danielle is highly attuned to emotions, both hers and those of others. She experiences the world through this lens, and her sensitivity also fuels her wealth of creative talent, both as a writer as well as an actor. YFW helped Danielle’s creativity blossom by enabling her to channel her sensitivity to the world in a structured way while also developing her skills as an actor. Three months after the end of camp, during the screening of the campers’ films at a local theater, Danielle absolutely beamed the entire time. She was so proud of herself, and I can now see how her experience at YFW bolstered her self-confidence, not only as an actor but also as a person.”

Jan Huether – parent:

“This past summer, my son Ben enjoyed the marvelous experience of working with a group of inspiring young filmmakers creating their own feature film as part of the Young Filmmakers Workshop. Ben has had a passion for cinema and filmmaking since he was seven years old, idealizing such greats as Lon Chaney, Orson Welles, and George Melies.

Being able to have an opportunity to experience the filmmaking process first hand, through such a well organized and executed operation, has given Ben a chance to discover if this is really something he would like to pursue professionally. It was a great stepping stone for him, which may now lead him to furthering his education in the field of film and cinema. Thanks to Mr. Yeager and his team, Ben has had a wonderful experience creating something he is very proud of, and the icing on the cake was getting to share that accomplishment with his family at the film’s premier at the fabulously refurbished Senator Theater in Baltimore!”

Lynne Flynn – parent:

“Young Filmmakers Workshop has been an amazing experience for my son, Tommy! Tommy started the camp when he was 10 years old, and he is now 17. The things he learned there totally influenced his passion for film! YFW was the springboard for developing his film skills way beyond his years!

Tommy not only learned leadership skill, but technical skills, as well! As a result of attending YFW, Tommy learned how to use a camera and all the film equipment and terminology, as well as how to act, edit, do sound and lighting — everything from start to finish!

Tommy has made 4 full length movies since attending YFW. He not only made the movie, but he also held a red carpet premiere –which he has used as a platform to give back to local charities. He learned all of this at YFW! The YFW premiere is one of the best parts of the camp – the kids love it! They especially enjoy riding in a limousine to the premiere and being greeted by paparazzi on the red carpet – not to mention seeing themselves on the big screen!

Attending YFW was life-changing for Tommy, and I highly recommend sending your child to camp!”

Kellie Ware – parent:

“I love that the Young Filmmakers Workshop gave my son the opportunity to interact with both younger and older students in addition to his own age group. Because students come from all over the metro-Baltimore area, he built friendships with YFW‘s accepting and nurturing environment with peers outside of his neighborhood and school. The relationships he built at YFW enhanced his summers and were sustained throughout the year. YFW helped shape my son into a perceptive, confident and well-rounded teen.”

John Magladery – parent:

“My son Sean attended YFW several summers ago and, although he enjoyed acting and camera work, his real talent was technical – and he loved being the gaffer. Since then, he has done technical lighting and sound work for a number of school productions. More importantly, that passion has translated educationally, and he will be entering the electrical and computer engineering program at Penn State University’s Pennsylvania College of Technology in the fall…and YFW played a part.”